The Last Exorcism

     The most frightening thing about this movie was the fact that I went to the show to see this and had to put up with people talking, shaking their popcorn, and screaming like kids in anticipation of a scary part. I was afraid I might hurt one of them.

     Seriously the first half of the movie was boring. It was a narrated view of this preacher. Snore. The girl who was supposed to be possessed by the devil was more likely possessed by her own insanity. The end was stupid, short and imagined.

     I paid $10 to see it. I would suggest that instead of throwing your money away to see it send it to charity or throw it away.

The Blind Side

     The Blind Side is based on a true story, in fact at the end of the movie while they're showing credits, they show pictures of the real people. Sandra B. was very good in her roll, she was quite a mom. This is a feel good movie full of ups and downs and a couple of tear full moments. I'll just say that it ends well and has many scenes that really make you laugh out loud. It was nice to see that there are people like this in the world. You really should see this film. I could definitely watch this again.


New Moon

     This was a great movie, especially if you're a lady. These guys were hot, hot, hot. The movie's plot was good and kept your attention till the end. Oh to be young again! The addition of the wolf pack was awesome, you really have a hard time figuring out whose side you're on. I very much recommend seeing this film.



OK, I have to admit from the start that I was very tired when I started to watch this film. Instead of going to bed though I decided to watch the whole thing. Of course it goes without saying that I kept falling asleep during it. What I did see I liked, it was interesting and I would watch it over but my daughter filled me in on what I missed. So I won't or can't tell you the end, but I will say it was messing with my mind because every time I woke up there were more of him on the screen.



     This film is slow to go somewhere or to answer any questions and the main character is pretty annoying. However it does barely keep you watching till the end, which is a good thing because the end has a great twist. I would tell everyone to see this film. My favorite scene is a spoiler near the end, so no can tell you. See this movie!